AMSManage Pty Ltd

AMSManage Pty Ltd provides business management services to medical practices.

Our solutions are designed to lift the burden of management from medical professionals. AMSManage offers a broad range of services, from ‘short term consulting work’ to ‘full practice management’. The preferred model is to have AMSManage become a positive part of your practice over the long term.

AMSManage has the skills and resources to not only transform your General Practice into an exemplary business, but also to maintain it at that level over the long term. The philosophy behind AMSManage is to provide professional management which optimises the running of a business and ultimately frees the principals from non-clinical responsibilities, thus enabling them to focus on their areas of interest.

Our clients range from a small three doctor practice to a two clinic practice with eighteeen doctors.

Do you want to have a well managed business with minimal non-clinical management input and improved financial returns?

AMSManage can help you by providing efficient and proven systems in all aspects of your business. Being external to your business enables us to deal with varying issues from  a fresh perspective and with some authority.

To optimise your business the following services are provided:-

  • Practice Reviews -  leading to a report with specific recommendations
  • Computerisation/Software systems implementation and optimisation
  • Human Resource Management including Recruitment and Training
  • Management of the Accreditation Process
  • Strategic Planning
  • Management of Amalgamations
  • Development of Marketing Strategies
  • Maximisation of revenue available through government channels
  • Development of Nursing potential
  • Relevant and focused reporting

Have AMSManage visit you and explain what they can specifically do for you and your Practice. AMSManage can provide or organise everything to make your practice run efficiently, profitably and to enable the principals to focus on their speciality.

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